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Magnetic South : Points of Reference

Dolphin fish in Points of Reference

Magnetic South: Points of Reference, Fishing Museum, Brighton, East Sussex, UK.

A digital installation comprising fish, computers and monitors. Fish were both caught and bought for the installation. The locations of each fish were referenced using a global positioning system (GPS), the technology used by fishermen to locate shoals of fish. The GPS reference number was written on a label and attached to each fish. Shoals of mackerel surrounded monitors, individual specimen fish were displayed in glass tubes. A showcase in the centre of the space contained a magnificent dolphin fish which had a computer monitor inserted into its side showing its GPS reference.

Projected onto the fish were references to the fishing industry and the technology used to increase the size of the trawls. The installation was a comment on the state of the global fishing industry and how the use of technology is devastating fish stocks. The installation was interactive and the audience were invited to play the interactive fishing games on the computers. Needless to say, the installation deteriorated quickly and became very pungent!

Magnetic South / Points of Reference

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